Nyltite® sealant is made from thin tubes of extruded Nylon®. It is designed to ensure under head sealing with an anti-vibration function.
Nyltite® seals can be supplied ready assembled to your specifications.
For applications that may be exposed to ultraviolet light, we recommend using black Nyltite® sealant.
The sheaths, with or without a flange, are designed for electrical applications that call for a high level of cable insulation and/or protection. The seal is specially designed so that it does not flow under pressure.
These seals have are recommanded for sealing, vibration and insulation issues. These seals guarantee IP65 protection.

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Main installation

Nyltite® sealant does not require any special preparation of the fastener or the machined part. It is primarily recommended for manual assembly work (in maintenance, limited spaces, etc.). The Nyltite® sealant or sheaths with flanges, may be combined with a multitude of compression fasteners (screws, nuts and bolts, rivets, eyelets, pop rivets, nails) . It offers cost effective and high performance sealing in relation as regard of conventional seals.

The configuration of this kind of seal lets the Nylon® run towards the inside under compression, filling all of the spaces between the fastener and the part to be machined. Nyltite® sealant can be installed on a wide range of screws.


Sealing and protection on a wide range of screws
Electrical insulation between the screw and the host part
Avoids galvanic corrosion around the seal
Sealing is achieved without any special preparation of the base
Noise reduction
Absorbs vibration thanks to the increased tightening torque
Eliminates potential hazards due to the surface condition under the host part head
Advantageously replaces mechanical washers
Strongly chemically resistant to most environments (petroleum products, salt water, hot oils, solvents,
chemicals, etc.)
Ease of assembly



ColourTransparent / black
Usage durationUndefined
Service temperature-56°C + 120°C
ReusableMore than five times
Sealing on an M10 screwOver 15 bar

Product range



Available from M2 to M12



Unified InchesISO metricRéf = DSealsSheaths
20,078 Inches / 2 mm0,093 Inches / 2,38 mm0,124 Inches / 3,18 mm
2,50,098 Inches / 2,5 mm0,113 Inches / 2,87 mm0,144 Inches / 3,65 mm
0,110 Inches / 2,8 mm0,125 Inches / 3,17 mm0,156 Inches / 3,96 mm
40,112 Inches / 2,8 mm0,125 Inches / 3,17 mm0,156 Inches / 3,96 mm
30,118 Inches / 3 mm0,133 Inches / 3,37 mm0,165 Inches / 4,19 mm
3,50,138 Inches / 3,5 mm0,156 Inches / 3,96 mm0,187 Inches / 4,75 mm
0,142 Inches / 3,6 mm0,156 Inches / 3,96 mm0,196 Inches / 4,97 mm
40,157 Inches / 4 mm0,172 Inches / 4,36 mm0,208 Inches / 5,28 mm
80,164 Inches / 4,1 mm0,185 Inches / 4,70 mm0,216 Inches / 5,48 mm
0,185 Inches / 4,7 mm0,203 Inches / 5,15 mm0,240 Inches / 6,09 mm
100,190 Inches / 4,8 mm0,208 Inches / 5,28 mm0,244 Inches / 6,19 mm
50,196 Inches / 5 mm0,218 Inches / 5,53 mm0,250 Inches / 6,35 mm
60,236 Inches / 6 mm0,256 Inches / 6,50 mm0,296 Inches / 7,51 mm
1/4 ”0,250 Inches / 6,3 mm0,271 Inches / 6,88 mm0,312 Inches / 7,92 mm
5/16”0,312 Inches / 7,9 mm0,334 Inches / 8,48 mm0,375 Inches / 9,52 mm
80,315 Inches / 8 mm0,334 Inches / 8,48 mm0,375 Inches / 9,52 mm
3/8* ”0,375 Inches / 9,5 mm0,394 Inches / 10 mm0,437 Inches / 11,10 mm
100,394 Inches / 10 mm0,413 Inches / 10,49 mm0,456 Inches / 11,58 mm
7/16”0,437 Inches / 11,1 mm0,456 Inches / 11,58 mm0,503 Inches / 12,77 mm
120,472 Inches / 12 mm0,496 Inches / 12,60 mm0,539 Inches / 13,69 mm
1/2”0,500 Inches / 12,7 mm0,523 Inches / 13,28 mm0,562 Inches / 14,27 mm

For larger sizes up to 1” – details on request. For effective sealing with pan head screws, a bore is required.


In electrical applications, Nylon® seals are widely used. Outdoors, they protect from dust and rain (street lights, urban furniture, etc.). These seals guarantee IP65 protection.

Sheaths are often used to cut costs when protecting electrical cables and providing seals to insulate the elements. Using seals on battery chargers allows insulating their covers. They are also used in electronics, in printed circuit board assembly systems. They help dissipate heat on power components.

Nyltite® seals are used when assembling panels on commercial aircraft for their combined vibration resistance, sealing and locking actions.

The advantages of Nyltite® seals are well known in rail or maritime applications. Vibration resistance and the general sealing achieved by the under-head seals offers a cost effective solution for all kinds of applications subject to the elements and to vibration due to transportation.

On all outdoor screw head applications, Nyltite® seals ensure the waterproofness of the under-head assembly while avoiding any marks on the base and any galvanic corrosion that could be caused by the different materials assembled.


Our facilities are all ISO 9001 certified and our quality systems meet the specialist requirements of the automotive and aeronautics industries.

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