We develop for 30 years locking and sealing solutions with automotive manufacturers and OEM’s. Large series, high level quality and logistical flows have elevated our organization to a higher level of performance. Prelok is a supplier of row 1 at PSA.

We carry over 40% of our turnover in the automotive industry with applications in all vehicle compartments :
– Engine: sealing studs collectors, braking threaded fasteners, sensors sealing
– Gearing box: sealing plugs
– Clutch: locking on nut
– Diesel pump: securing threaded fasteners, sealing of cannulas
– Hydraulic Pump: securing threaded elements
– FAP: anti-seize on pressure sensor
– EGR valve: anti-seize function
– Body: tightness under screw head and drowned nut protection
– Plastic equipments: bonding plastic threads on screws, insert, self-tapping sleeve … Waterproofing under screw head and plastic pin.


We are certified ISO9001 while answering all the documentary requirements of our customers.
100% control of the pre-coating by camera over our machines.

They trust us :