Sealing Function : discover our data sheet!

Pre-coating is an innovative and economic technology that replaces advantageously many sealing systems like gaskets, o-rings, sealing pastes, anaerobic resins, Téflon strips.

Our special machinery enable to realize small series (1000 units) as well as large series (1 million units) in a wide range of applications.

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Sealing of the screw threads

Drain plug and smelter plug
Fitting to threads, straight or cone-shaped
Sensor plug


Sealing of tubes and hafted units

Rigid nozzle and Pump outlet tube
Tight-hafted smooth cap


Underhead sealing on fasteners

Screw or plug socket
Blind nut and settable pin


We depose a resin on one of the unit to assemble in order to guarantee the assembly sealing. The resin fills the assembly and guarantees an immediate sealing during an assembly by screwing.

Many fluids will be sealed by the pre-coating technology:

Compressed air and gas
Drinkable water and warm water
Oils and hydrocarbons
Cooling fluids and brake fluids

The authorized pressure may go beyond the 50 bars, only for some assemblies.


Replaces expensive seals to be implemented
Replaces sealing products, fluid or pastes, and difficult to depose
Control of the technical parameters
Excellent quality: the presence of a sealing system is guaranteed
Vibration and shock absorption and noise reduction
Good resistance to chemicals
High admissible pressures
Seals many fluids
Immediate sealing after assembly
Important reduction of assembly costs in workshop or on a construction site.


We dispose of a large scale of products to help you with many sealing problems on fixation units.

SuppliersProductColorApplications on threaded partApplications on fitted partApplications under head of threaded partApplications under head of crimped part
3m3M 4291Light blueok
precotePrecote 5Light blue or whiteokok
precotePrecote 15*Whiteokok
precotePrecote 200 Dark blueok
ThreeBondTB 2353Whiteokokok

* Food contact approval DVGW


Our processes are ISO 9001 certified and fulfill specific requirements in the automotive industry.


Our products are approved according to many automotive standards:

Renault CDC 39.02.010
PSA B14.12.35
Volvo STD 1262.2
Ford WX 201

The Precote 15 is food certified by the DVGW organism.

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