Thread masking & protection

The sheet metal workers and sheet metal formers face the problem of weld spatters or excess of paint which adhere to the threads.

The most common solution is to mask the threads before welding or painting. They use caps or special plugs for protecting the threads.

Another well-known solution is to clean the threads by re-tapping.

These extra-operations are costly and difficult to apply. It can happen that the threads are definitively damaged.

The industrial and economic solution does exist; we used it for many years in automotive industry.

We apply on the threads, by the mean of high run rate machines, a dry film (OmniMASK®) to prevent weld spatter, electro-deposited paints, primers or coatings from adhering to the threads.

These coating parts do not need to be thread masking by plugs or caps nor to be re-tapped.

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Applied on threads, omnimask is a thin masking layer which prevents from the adhesion of weld spatters and paint deposit. Omnimask® can be applied on different threaded parts such as: screws, weld and self-clinching studs, weld and self-clinching nuts…
Omnimask® is a white 98% Teflon, reliable FEP Fluoropolymer powder coating. This dry film enables a better screwing installation thanks to his low coefficient of friction.
OmniMASK® is applied by projection of a powder on pre-heated parts via induction coil. The process temperature of omniMASK is lower (-50°c) than equivalent competitive products. Due to its lower melting temperature, it can be applied on main plating surface. The parts are coated on our plant and can be then used without specific caution.

PinM4 to M12Soldering or crimping
All type of head
NutM6 to M14Soldering or crimping
Round or square head


Prevents of adhesion of electrodeposited paints and primers on the threaded area of fasteners
Prevents of adhesion of weld spatter.
Eliminates the expensive manual operation of installing and removing caps and plugs
Can be applied onto internal or external threads
Can be used on a wide range of materials and surface treatments.
Solvent resistant and high temperature compatibility.
Eliminates scrap and reduces significantly the total cost manufacturing
Enables to control the coefficient of friction and so reduces the torque vs tension variation


MaterialPowder Tèflon® FEP
Coefficient of friction0.09-0.15


Our processes are ISO 9001 certified and fulfill specific requirements in the automotive industry.


OmniMASK® is highly used in the automotive applications. It is homologated for those specifications :

  • GMW15822
  • WWS-M12P27 A3
  • FCA PS.50015
  • DAIMLER MBN10391
  • VW TL188

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